How to reverse diabetes now – Your diabetes cure

In now days, diabetes has become more popular than before. People either cannot produce more insulin, or the cells have no response to the existing insulin (insulin resistance).

There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1, one kind of autoimmune disease, as the insulin-secreting cell from the pancreas are destroyed by some kinds of viral infection, we can see some children have such phenomenon.
  • Type 2, usually it is common in adults, as the secretion of insulin is normal, but the cells in the body don’t respond to it.

Both of the types will hurt human’s organs and tissues, such as the eyes, kidney because of the toxic levels of the blood sugar. The symptoms of the diabetes will be possibly polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia.

To help the type 1 diabetes, insulin injections and dietary caring will be most important for the people traditionally.

For the type 2 diabetes, there are some vitamins supplement on the market to delay the diabetes. Normally such kind of supplement will contain chromium which is much higher than the common vitamins products, and help people decrease fasting blood glucose levels and the insulin/glycosylated hemoglobin -HbA1c.

For some pregnant women but with gestational diabetes, the prenatal multivitamins will not be enough to control the blood sugar any more. In one placebo-controlled study among 30 women with diabetes during the pregnancy, the researcher concluded that the supplement with chromium has one promising result of improvement of the blood sugar control.

Another common nutrition is alpha lipoic acid which will be helpful improve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, most important is,  it can improve the insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.

Cinnamon, also is one of the common seasoning in food, showed an effective result to cure the type 2 diabetes, while it can be used for high cholesterol. But the studies were still uncertain as it was hard to find the relationship between the dose of cinnamon and improvement of the blood sugar.

Beside above supplements, we still have other ways to improve the blood sugar control.

Monitoring your dietary. If you find your blood sugar is abnormal, then you have to change your dietary to eating certain foods with low figures of glycemic index and glycemic load.

The last thing is to do more exercises, losing weight, as of now obesity has become one of the potential risk may leads to diabetes.

Good Supplements Support Our Health

People in some circumstances need extra nutrients for their dietary, such as when the young boy or girl come to growth and development when they’re 9 -10 years old, one woman need one prenatal multivitamins when she prepared for pregnancy when in child-bearing age, or get old then menopause comes.

We get all kinds of nutrient from foods, but some are not. We can give some examples for the extra supporting from some natural plants or animals.

  • Milk Thistle

One kind of natural plant whose ripe seeds contain one important constituents, called as silymarin that has been used as medicine for thousands of years. It called as milk thistle as the juice after cutting the plant limb is just like white milk but tastes bitterly.

milk thistle

It has been approved in studies for the potency in diabetes, some liver diseases, such as hepatitis, and protect our liver from Chemotherapy or some drugs in some pilot study.

Only the milk thistle supplement with the HPLC method tested for the raw material can guarantee the 100% purity of the standard extract. Some products imported the milk thistle extract from China but with UV-vis testing method may fail to provide the percentage they claimed in the supplement fact on the bottle.

So we suggest to buy following products that have been approved by ConsumerLab:

GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized Milk Thistle (200 mg extract [80% silymarin] per vegetarian capsule)

Trunature® (Costco)Milk Thistle (200 mg extract [80% silymarin] per softgel)

  •  Krill

Krill – whale’s favorite food, it has become the promising Omega 3 supplement to share the fish oil marketing.


One study in Holland, krill oil was used for the evaluation of the effects on the cognitive functioning among the adolescents with lower educational performance. After the study, researcher found that the students were have some improvement in some cognitive factors: processing speed and impulsivity control which have a positive connection to the EPA+DHA levels in their blood.

Sounds cool, isn’t it?

We suggest some products as below for their high potency with the lowest cost:

NutriGold® Double Strength Krill Gold™ (1 softgel daily).

We will continue to introduce some “rare” supplements for our body health. They are not so common but potentially they have specialties we cannot ignore them.